Divorce and stay financially intact.

Divorce is devastating. Attorney Jeff McAdams is committed to helping you navigate the divorce process in a way that preserves your financial integrity, protects your children and retains your personal dignity. You deserve the right to rebuild your life, and reclaim the self-respect these very unpleasant circumstances may have damaged. To do that effectively, you’ll need the help of a skillful and compassionate New York divorce lawyer.

Over many years of experience in handling matrimonial cases, Jeff has developed a winning approach to helping clients divorce intelligently, and move on to a better future. You’ll discover his time-tested, proven principles in these two recently published Special Reports. They’re both free. Just click to download your copies:

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McAdams Law assists clients with these and other matrimonial issues:

  • contested and uncontested divorce
  • drafting, negotiation and review of a separation agreement
  • temporary orders and agreements
  • maintenance payments
  • negotiating a livable budget
  • property division and distribution of assets
  • obtaining, organizing and reviewing financial records
  • financial and asset investigation
  • asset valuation
  • pension, 401k plan and government benefits distribution
  • closely held business considerations for the self-employed
  • insurance
  • debt division and resolution
  • allocating remaining mortgage debt when selling home in a recessionary market
  • protecting the status of rent-regulated leases
  • sensitive issues
  • child custody
  • visitation
  • child support
  • children’s future educational expenses
  • interstate and international custody disputes
  • expert witnesses
  • spousal support and custody modification proceedings
  • grandparent visitation
  • mediation and arbitration
  • collaborative divorce
  • name change
  • cohabitation
  • relocation
  • health considerations
  • implications of emotional illness
  • health care proxies
  • adultery and sexual infidelity
  • tracing hidden assets and asset seizure
  • fraudulent transfer of assets
  • domestic violence
  • obtaining an order of protection
  • parental kidnapping
  • tax implications
  • estates, wills, trusts and power of attorney
  • drafting and negotiating a prenuptial and post-nuptial agreement
  • annulment
  • Domestic Partnership Agreements
  • negotiation and review of a settlement agreement and all other documents
  • second opinions on all divorce and child custody matters
  • appeals

Deceit is common in divorce. How to avoid being a victim…

A significant number of spouses attempt to hide money and assets in a divorce. If you’re going to maximize your security and come out with your resources intact, you’ll need an astute attorney who can combat any fraud your spouse perpetrates against you. Here’s a case example in which Jeff McAdams helped the mother of a ten-year old daughter. He exposed the deception, won concessions that completely changed the direction of their lives, and set a new course for a better future.

The client was initially receiving only $350.00 a month in child support from her ex-spouse, under a prior divorce settlement. Jeff then took over her Family Court case after she discovered her former husband declared in excess of $300,000 annual income from his international commodities exchange business. McAdams Law pursued upward modification of his child support obligation, challenging his “explanation” for why the company went out of business. The end result: the husband agreed to pay her attorney’s fees, the child’s private education through high school, college, and graduate school, and to increase his monthly child support payments by a multiple of five.

A critical yet often overlooked aspect of
many New York City divorce cases.

If you rent an apartment in New York City and are getting divorced, there are critical landlord tenant legal issues that must be dealt with to protect your financial future. If you have a rent-regulated apartment that your spouse retains, and then jeopardizes the lease by not paying rent, or by living with someone, you could become liable to pay the difference for a new apartment at a much higher monthly cost. This is especially the case if you pay the child support obligations.

For example, if your former spouse is sued for nonpayment, you can named in the lawsuit and not even know it. Here’s the terrible aspect: Housing Court now sells names of litigants to background checking agencies, and as a party to the suit you could be added to this “blacklist.” When you go to rent another apartment yourself, and your new landlord sees you were involved in a lawsuit, you may not be accepted as a tenant. Or you may have to pay substantial rent in advance to secure the apartment.

As you can see, there are very dangerous implications requiring proper handling of lease issues. And that’s true whether your lease is rent-stabilized or not.

In addition to handling matrimonial cases Jeff McAdams is one of New York City’s leading landlord tenant attorneys. He’s uniquely qualified to advise you on protecting the status of existing leases and avoiding future financial calamity.

You can read more about these issues in the new Special Reports published by McAdams Law:

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How McAdams Law conserves your financial resources…

Unlike many overly zealous divorce lawyers, Jeff McAdams aggressively protects each client, yet avoids escalating conflicts and exposing clients to the exorbitant costs of unnecessary litigation. His philosophy is simple, yet powerful: negotiate if you can, fight if you have to. That means you can save money, and have a better, more comfortable financial future, instead of making divorce lawyers rich.

Call Jeff McAdams now to find out about building the best new future you can. Imagine how much better you’ll feel knowing you have experience and strength supporting you. You can reach him for a FREE initial telephone consultation at 212-406-5145.

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