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What you need to know if served eviction papers

When a New York landlord serves a tenant with eviction papers, the tenant may feel that he or she is powerless to do anything about the situation. No matter the details of your current situation and the attempt to evict you from your current rented habitation, you still have rights. Even though you do not own the property, there are limits to what your landlord can and cannot do. 

When is a landlord liable for threats to your personal safety?

Renting property in New York City can be a long and challenging process. As a tenant of a rented property, you know that you still have rights even though you do not own the property. However, you may be unaware of what those rights entail. If you believe that your safety is at risk or you suffered physical harm because of the action or inaction of your landlord, you may have the right to seek legal recourse. 

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