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December 2017 Archives

New York landlord ranked worst in 2017 for a number of issues

People in New York understand that many of the apartment buildings in the city are old and will need repair from time to time, but they expect the repairs to be made. They expect that if they pay rent on time the landlord will keep the building and their apartments in good repair. However, this does not always occur. This oftentimes leads to landlord-tenant disputes, since the tenants may not have any other options.

Legal process for non-payment of rent eviction cases

There are many people in New York who rent apartments or other types of rental properties. When people begin to rent an apartment, they generally sign a lease agreement with the landlord. This agreement is a legally binding contract and the tenant is required to perform their obligations and the landlord is required to perform their obligations. If either one does not do this, there may be a landlord-tenant dispute and they may end up in housing court.

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