The black mark against your name            
that can make it hard to rent anywhere…

You get into a dispute with your landlord and go to court. Maybe you resolve your conflict, maybe you don’t. But when you finally move out and look for another place to live, you find that other landlords won’t accept you as a tenant, or demand a significantly larger security deposit. Why does that happen?

The reason is that background checking agencies obtain public record information that identifies tenants who have been involved in Housing Court cases. Today, most landlords run a background check on lease applicants before they rent to them. If the tenant screening report shows that you were in court with your landlord, for that reason alone they are very unlikely to rent an apartment to you. This can make finding a new place to live difficult, time-consuming and expensive. 

How do you escape this trap? If possible, stay out of Housing Court. This raises several considerations…

To begin with, you’re in a stronger position in a conflict with your landlord when you have professional legal representation. An experienced Tenant Rights lawyer is sometimes able to negotiate a resolution on your behalf, without even going to court. Landlords generally take the tenant who has an attorney more seriously, and may be less inclined to litigate.

Tenant Rights lawyer Jeff McAdams has over 20 years experience in representing tenants successfully against their landlords. He has often helped tenants to negotiate resolutions to problems first, so they could stay out of court and avoid blacklisting. 

Unfortunately, not all disputes with the landlord can be resolved without litigation. It may be that your valuable rights can only be protected by court action. In that case, there’s another approach…

The State Supreme Court Solution

New York State Supreme Court does not identify litigants to tenant screening agencies. So if you take your case to the New York State Supreme Court first, and thereby stay out of Housing Court, you avoid having your name sent to background checking agencies. 

This can be a more costly approach in terms of legal fees. However, depending on the facts of your case, it might circumvent what can be larger expenses and difficulties long-term, associated with blacklisting and finding new living accommodations.

You can learn more about blacklisting in Jeff’s Special Report How to Protect Yourself Against a Ruthless, Greedy Landlord , and in the following article and tenant tip published on his you can see each week’s entries at the NYC Tenant Lawyer Blog :

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