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If conditions are dangerous, seek emergency relief.

Any apartment conditions that pose a hazard to the lives or well-being of occupants are subject to emergency measures imposed by Housing Court, the Department of Housing, Preservation, and Development (“HPD”), or the Department of Buildings (“DOB”). For example, let’s say that the landlord is supposed to remove lead paint, and you vacate the apartment over a weekend so the work can be done safely. When you return, if the repair has not been completed and you are exposed to breathing in lead paint dust, then your health is at risk. You can seek immediate relief from Housing Court. The landlord may sustain the expense of moving you to alternate housing, such as a vacant apartment in the building or hotel accommodations, until the defective conditions are corrected. If you are unable to afford a Tenants’ attorney, clerks at Housing Court can assist you in filing the necessary papers.

Please Note: Every McAdams Law Tenant Protection Tip and article is for informational purposes only and cannot substitute for legal advice. Before taking action, consult an experienced New York Landlord Tenant attorney about your situation. Beware that being a party in a lawsuit in New York City’s Housing Court can subject you to blacklisting. Please see more details here.

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